We are pleased to announce new allergy injection hours of operation at our Downtown Minneapolis clinic, effective Monday June 4, 2018. Please check your route before heading out! View the updated hours here




Downtown Minneapolis


Annual Allergy & Asthma Conference

Thank you for attending our 19th Annual Allergy & Asthma Conference on March 24, 2017. We appreciate your support. 
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What are dust mites?

What are Dust Mites?

If you've been waking up in the mornings with itchy, red eyes, it may be a dust mite allergy. Dr. Nancy Ott talks more about it on the Good Question.
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Allergy & Asthma Specialists Announce Acquisition of Southdale Allergy and Asthma Clinic

Over the past 50 years Allergy & Asthma Specialists, PA has earned a reputation for our patient care and specialized testing, diagnosing and treatment of allergic diseases and conditions. We are committed to giving the best possible care to our patients and continually advancing our diverse service and accessible locations around the Twin Cities metro area. Allergy & Asthma Specialists is comprised of six physicians who are Board Certified Allergists and committed to offering patients the highest level of care. We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Southdale Allergy and
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2 New Ways To Treat Your Allergies During Peak Season

allergy season

Allergy Peak season is always coming! Watch the following video from WCCO to find 2 new ways to treat your allergies.
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Dr. Hemalini Mehta Speaks on the Fall Allergy Season


Watch Dr. Hemalini Mehta Speak on the following video from Channel 12 News. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEEkwIH4t-M
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Pollen Pumps Up Allergies in Twin Cities

Watch the following video from Kare 11 news.
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Allergies Aren’t Always Forever for Kids

Allan Stillerman, M.D.

Dr. Stillerman of Allergy & Asthma Specialists talk with the Star Tribune about how food allergies in children aren't always forever. "A quarter of Americans believe they have food allergies. But it's only 4 percent for adults, and for children at the heart of the problem who are 1 to 2 years old, it's 6 to 8 percent."
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Doctors & Activists Mark 40th Anniversary of the Clean Air Act

Richard P. Bransford, M.D.

"The cost savings in hospitalizations, lost productivity from workers that either are sick themselves with heart or lung disease from pollution, or have to stay home with sick kids because their asthma kicks in on a bad air day, it's really a cost-effective piece of legislation," Dr. Richard Bransford said.
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Dr. Allan Stillerman speaks on Food Allergies

Watch the following video from KARE 11 News.
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