Allergy injection patients - please wait 3 days from your injection(s) before your COVID-19 vaccine. After receiving your vaccine, please wait 3 days before receiving allergy injection(s). Spring is here! Be sure to make your appointment now for your spring allergies! Please note: only the patient being seen will be allowed in the clinic. We will accommodate 1 parent/guardian with pediatric patients. Also - face coverings are required while in the clinic.



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It’s Allergy Season

Bees need flowers for the nectar and pollen they provide, in return for pollination services.

Now that it’s spring, it’s also allergy season.

With most of Minnesota’s pollen count being moderate to high, according to, that means many people are suffering from allergies.

Take a look at what Dr. Gary Berman has to say about this year’s allergies and how you can help minimize the impact.

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